The brand is also User Experience

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  • Visual field. Visual elements cover the graphic elements used to communicate the brand, including the logo, typeface, images and other elements of a common style guide.
  • Tone. The tone is the communication style used by the brand, from the text on a website to the messaging developed and used in targeted advertisements and the way staff speak to customers.
  • Behaviour. Behaviour represents how the company acts in certain situations. Does the company reflect the morals and values of its customers? In the past, the focus was on non-interactive media such as the press and TV, where brand behaviour was displayed. However, in the digital age, brand behaviour is primarily the interaction between the user and the brand itself. Simply put, when a customer visits a website, they interact with the brand and the way the product/service behaves towards the user will influence the perception of the brand.




UX & UI designer

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Elena Venieri

Elena Venieri

UX & UI designer

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